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My name is Lindsay, (a.k.a. L.J. when I’m out on the water). I live on the scenic South West Irish Coast. I am a serial blogger, entrepreneur and SEO Consultant. In my spare time I love anything adventurous including surfing.Me and my fire

My biggest secret is that I learned to surf in under a week without instruction. All I did was buy an e-book on surfing, and have the guts to go out everyday. I am now regularly asked to teach people how to do the same. And I’ve even entered myself into a surfing competition. Yes I am mad.

This website serves as a bit of expression for all that surfing culture, but also to get people surfing. I’m currently considering starting a forum for this site.

If you like the site feel free to comment. Or drop me an email at:

[email protected]

Get Fit for Surfing now

Slea head

county kerry south west ireland

As you can see my local beaches are perfect for the surf. If a bit cold. I really need to get that 5mm double stitched wetsuit!
Creative Commons License photo credit: René van Linde

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